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Start Tracking Emails In Gmail

Email Tracker lets you track email opens and link clicks in real time within Gmail.

To start you'll need to have downloaded the Email Tracker Chrome Extension.

Core Functionality

  • Visible Email Tracking - Email Tracker Signature will show at the bottom of your sent email -Recipients Know You're Tracking Them - Increase Reply Rate by 40%

  • Invisible Email Tracking - Recipients Won't Know You're Tracking Them

  • Link Click Tracking - Insert Tracked Links into your email to know when links are clicked

  • Email & Chrome Notifications - Get Email and Chrome Notifications When Your Emails are Links are Opened

  • Follow Up Reminders - Get Reminder Emails when your emails haven't been opened in 4 days

  • Email Tracking Stats - See the tracking statistics for a sent email by hovering over the blue checkmarks in your sent email folder

  • Email Tracking Analytics Dashboard - See full tracking statistics in the Dashboard

Get Started

Use these guides to start tracking emails and link clicks with Email Tracker today.

🛠ī¸InstallationđŸ–Ĩī¸Using the Chrome Extension🕑Setting Your TimezoneđŸ“ĢHow To Send A Tracked Email👀Invisible vs Visible Tracker🆓Unlock 20 Free Invisible Tracker Emails/Month🔗Insert a Tracked Link📈Email Tracking Reports⚙ī¸Settings

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